Matthew’s story (long version)

This story is far longer than I intended for it to be.  But the story of Matthew’s life is beautiful, the story of his death is traumatic, dramatic, and complicated, and his impact and legacy deserve recognition.  So here we go… Continue reading


Monica the Medium, can I have a reading?!

It’s amazing – the thoughts I’ll entertain in my darkest moments – the desperation that can emerge from the depths of my sorrow…  Mark gets weirded out and thinks I’m cray-cray, but I don’t think my thoughts are totally unique – I’ve heard others who’ve lost someone near and dear express similar thoughts, regardless of their actual spiritual beliefs. Continue reading

Why blog?

Blogging is new – completely out of character for my shy self. But three months ago, my baby died. And what do you do after your baby dies? You start a journal. Because your therapist, and everyone else you know, recommends it – so you can process all of your complicated thoughts about everything you’ve been through and how no one understands. And I like to write. Continue reading