Dead flowers & love notes

Some blog worthy shit’s been going down at work, so I thought it might be time for an Extreme People Who Suck; Workplace Edition type post. Although, actually, not all these people suck. But, in this particular situation, at first I was pretty much like, “Oh hayyyyy-ll no! You fo’ real?” And now, I’m just pleasantly befuddled. Maybe. Sort of. Continue reading

Tavern-stamping my way through life

A few years ago, during the economic downturn, I’d just begun employment with an accounting firm. Pretty soon after, I met an (eventually) infamous intern (later nicknamed Tavern). Due to the common cut-backs in hiring of this era, most interns were super concerned with proving their worth. But not Tavern. Tavern was living the (new) American dream – life with a huge trust fund in his back pocket, where a day at the office was indistinguishable from a day at the frat house. Continue reading