On returning to work

So I returned to work this week, and, of course, the first task I tried to tackle after my three-month leave was meticulously combing my inbox. But after ten minutes I started to become distressed by what I was seeing (mostly dates in 2015/2016 that elicited disturbing visceral reactions), so I was like “fuck it” and deleted everything, figuring that if anything’s important the sender will follow up with me again.

Some people (like four of them) seemed stoked to see me, and it was kind of funny, because they informed me that the guy who sits next to my office took two weeks to notice my absence, at which point he asked where I was. So my friends were like, “She had her baby,” and he was like, “I didn’t know she was pregnant!” I’m thankful that I have other people in my life besides this guy, because it is clear that if I really were to go missing, he’d take ages to call the authorities, so I’d probably be at the bottom of a lake decomposed beyond recognition before anyone would find my body. Though it wouldn’t matter, because I’d be dead, and no one would care, because if this guy were the only one calling the authorities it would mean I had no loved ones anyway.

There was also the co-worker I ran into on the elevator… It was clear that, in his mind, I’d never left. He was like, “How’s your week going?” all nonchalant, as though it were a normal week for me, not my first week back after twelve out. And I was like, “Fine – busy,” and he was like, “Me too,” and I was like, “Yeah…” But honestly, I’m not taking it personally, because, let’s face it, not many care about That One Person Who Works in Accounting.

And I think the fact that no one cares about That One Person Who Works in Accounting is the reason that my boss is letting me work from home two days per week, and for this I’m very grateful. After Joel arrived, I honestly considered quitting my job. Before Matthew died, my plan was to work a reduced schedule, partially from home. But Matthew’s death has made me so anxious, I didn’t know if I could continue working at all once Joel got here.

But I decided to try not to let anxiety control my life, figuring that working from home two days per week and in the office three at a job that isn’t super demanding anyway would be a perfect balance. And I believe I will be a better mom having such balance. So we hired a nanny, who, by all accounts, seems amazing, and is also the only person on this planet who can get Joel to take a nap that lasts longer than 15 minutes.

But I’m still struggling with anxiety something fierce. On Wednesday afternoon, I texted our nanny, and she didn’t respond, and 30 minutes went by, and I lost my shit and bolted from the office at around 3:00pm and didn’t tell my boss or anyone that I was leaving. And I jumped into my car and cried all the way home as I contemplated what it might feel like to have an Amber Alert issued for my child, but then she texted me after 43 minutes while I was on my way home, so I played it cool and sat in the parking lot of a local grocery store for a few minutes, so I could get home at 4:30pm (not suspiciously early) so she wouldn’t realize my freak out.

Dead flowers lady is always doing something blog worthy. On my first day back she stormed my office and asked to see a picture of Joel, so I showed her one from the Share Remembrance Walk in which Joel was wearing a shirt that said “awesome little brother.” And she was like, “Awesome LITTLE brother?” with a judgy tone, kind of implying that Joel isn’t really a little brother. Then she asked if I had a C-section, so I told her I did, and she was like, “Watch out – you might not be able to have any more C-sections. When I was having my boys, the second one was breech, so my doctor tried to tell me to have a C-section, and I refused because I wanted to maybe have more, so they turned him, and he was just fine – just like I knew he would be!” Sometimes I think people say stupid things to me on purpose just to piss me off.

It feels strange to sit at my desk and work. It makes me cry quite frequently. My office chair was where I spent so much time with Matthew, counting kicks, listening to music, putting together a baby shower guest list, researching things about babies, waiting for his arrival. And then, so suddenly, he died, and, traumatically, I had to somehow return to this same office chair and actually function, at least partially. And then, for the entire next year, I was either entirely overwhelmed with grief or freaking out with anxiety thinking that Joel could die at any moment.

So it has been since July 10, 2015 that I have experienced any highly productive moments in my office. And now, though I’m still struggling with feelings of grief and anxiousness, some time has passed, and Joel is here, and there is more joy, so I’m feeling… Different than I was about one year ago. And also, the expectations of me are different. Most people think I should be better. And I promised my boss that I’m highly motivated to make my flexible schedule work. And I am – for Joel. But I am also not better.

Many times I sit in my chair, and I glance over at Matthew’s picture, and the tears still flow readily, because I miss him so much. And I can’t believe all of the good moments I had in my office and then how difficult it was to return to my office a new person and then the terror I experienced during the second most traumatic situation of my life – pregnancy after loss. And now after all of this, I need to work seriously on some spreadsheets? It’s just weird.

Over the past few weeks it has become evident that I can’t cope with life without some extra help. After Matthew died I exercised and wrote regularly and did yoga and spent time with non-triggering friends doing hours of talk-therapy. With parenting a living child, I have more trouble finding the time to do each of these things every day, which is fine – I wouldn’t trade it, but it’s true. But not being able to do all of the things that helped get me through this past year has resulted in me experiencing some days that feel almost unlivable… Because not only is my grief for Matthew still very present, I’m also so anxious about Joel’s well-being and about life in general. I definitely have some really good days, but I find I can only string together a few of them before I descend into what’s become a very familiar dark place.

So I’m hoping the low dose of Zoloft I’ve been prescribed will help. My doctor and therapist say I have a sticky brain, one that holds onto scary irrational thoughts, and I need this to help me better employ coping mechanisms.

I’m guessing it’s some type of taboo to talk about my prescription drugs on the internet, but I talk about most other things on the internet, so I figured why not? I’ve never felt that taking anti-anxiety/depression medications is something to be ashamed of, yet I have been very resistant to taking them myself, so maybe my openness about my “journey” will help someone else like others have helped me.

6 thoughts on “On returning to work

  1. I think it’s so brave of you to talk about your pain, your difficulties and even your prescription drugs 🙂 I recently had a early-on miscarriage and although our losses are different it’s really helpful and inspiring to read your blog and listen to your story. It helps me make sense of my own pain a bit more. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is a good day 🙂

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  2. Aw well done for going back! I know it must be hard but definitely good not to let anxiety stop you from doing things and great modelling for Joel about facing tough situations bravely. Also your nanny sounds amazing! It’s probably good that she’s not on her phone all the time while watching him!

    I have a very weird relationship with our bathroom in work, when I was pregnant with Isobel I used to spend a few minutes every time I went, admiring my bump in the mirror! It makes me sad to use that bathroom now.

    Dead flowers lady is my favourite. I find something fascinating about people who have such little insight. What must it be like to live like that, either not caring at all what people think or being so clueless as to read every situation wrong?! You should let a few plants die just to see what she does! Big hugs xx

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  3. Well done on returning to work. I’m returning on Monday on a phased return so it’s quite good to read – a lot of what you said are my issues with returning, remembering being there and being pregnant and then also interacting with stupid people and acting giving a shit about it all. I felt working from home would be good, but sadly wasn’t able too. Some people shouldn’t speak, at all. Except your nanny. She should def reply quicker!

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  4. I’m so happy you’re sharing all of your story. You have helped me in more ways than I think you know, as far as processing my own grief and especially with regards to taking responsibility for my healing, and also being able to say “fuck it”.

    It’s so scary to leave them, and it’s doubly scary to leave them after one of them has died. I’m really proud of you for going back to work and I hope that you remember no matter how the day ends, even if its in a grocery store parking lot, it’s progress.

    Love you, friend.


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  5. That dead flower lady needs a swift kick in the lady bits. Who in gods name does she think she is? I haven’t read the post you linked about her, but you better believe I will be headed that way next!

    As for medication- I am on Wellbutrin. I have been since March. In February, right around Valentines day, I remember sitting on my bed wanting to die. Like…really wanting to be dead, because then I could be with Kenley. It scared me, and I called my doctor. I was given Xanax for 2 weeks, then we transitioned to an anti anxiety medication called BuSpar. It helped greatly. When I started to see my MFM they switched me to the Wellbutrin. THANK GOD. I needed it, and I knew that I needed it. I have nothing against people taking medication, and know many who do. I just never wanted to take it myself…but I am thankful every single day for it.

    *hurries off to read about dead flower lady in hopes to hate her even more*

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