“Is he your first?”

It’s 3:30pm on a Sunday. I finish feeding Joel, and Mark and I dress him and ourselves for the cold weather as quickly as possible, so we may run an errand, while Joel, hopefully, falls asleep in his car seat. Our goal is to kill two birds with one stone – we hope to avoid the dinnertime fussy period that can result from no afternoon nap whilst attending to some unfinished business that is picking out new throw pillows for our living room. “I don’t want Joel to choke on one of these errant feathers,” Mark recently suggested, and I agreed with his sentiments. Continue reading

Life lately

The most wonderful time of the year started with a bang, as a “friend” whom I haven’t spoken to since Matthew died apparently thought I would enjoy receiving a combo birth announcement/holiday card. In summary, I did not like it, Sam I am, and I’m also left perplexed as I try to imagine the sender’s line of thinking – like, “Hmmmmm… I haven’t spoken to Christine since her son died, and sending her this card to inform her that my baby arrived safely when one of hers didn’t seems like the perfect way to reconnect!” I worry that the sender lacks logical thinking skills crucial for survival. Or just thinking skills in general… Continue reading