Joel cuteness

Today’s Joel’s babysitter’s last day (for now). She’s going back to school this fall, and her nursing class schedule won’t accommodate even a part-time job. It sucks, and Joel and Mark and I will miss her dearly.

The good news is that we have a couple more great people coming to help watch Joel this fall, Holly’s sorority sisters! Life hack – hire babysitters or nannies who live in a sorority house. It’s an endless stream of qualified, peppy people who can watch your kid! Also, you and your kid kind of become honorary members of said sorority and get to hear about some of the shenanigans and, in August, the recruitment process, which is pure savagery!

So Holly sent this nice email last night and included this list of observations of Joel, which I think is too cute not to share, but I’m probably the only one who thinks it’s cute, because, let’s face it, my kids are primarily most interesting to me, but maybe Joel’s grandparents would enjoy reading this?

Snack/ Nap time:

  • Joel will usually start to get tired around [time reference truncated]. So this is about the time I give him his morning snack. I usually give him one baby snack {located on 3rd shelf in pantry} and then fruit or a cheese stick. (Afternoon snack is around [time reference truncated] – same process)
  • After I clean up and wipe him down, we head back to his bedroom where we begin the naptime ritual! (This is what I do; just wanted to pass it along! I’m sure you will create a version of your own)
    • Nap time = [time reference truncated]
      • I place Joel in his crib and give him a toy (as long as you continue to talk to him, he is happy to stand in the crib and watch you set nap time up!)
      • I spread Joel’s blankets on the mat
      • I turn on the sound machine
      • I close all the blinds and doors and then dim the lights
      • I go in the changing room and lay out his diaper, pants and socks
      • I grab Joel from crib and change him
      • Together we turn off all the lights
      • I usually stand and rock him while I sing a little song
      • I then place Joel on his mat (he sleeps on his back)
      • I lie down next to him and put my hand on his stomach so he doesn’t roll
      • Then I sing to him until he goes to sleep

***I stay in the room with him and watch a show or chill on my phone, but Joel is on a monitor so you can very easily turn on the video recorder and leave the room to do homework/ eat/ use the bathroom/ etc.

    • Helpful hints:
      • Joel is sometimes a bit moody on the changing table so he starts rolling/kicking, I just give him a diaper to play with and he is content!
      • If he is super hyper right before nap time, I’ll read him a few books with the lights dimmed before starting nap time routine
      • He likes to play with your hair when he naps and will usually fall asleep mid head rub… lol


Lunch Time:

  • It’s really whatever you find in the fridge/ freezer! Joel will pretty much eat anything, just as long as you cut it all up in small pieces!
  • He likes to eat “finger foods,” so I just cut all the stuff up and dump it on his tray
  • I usually start Joel off with a cheese stick or fruit while I prepare the rest of his lunch – or else he tends to get a little impatient with you!
  • I try and make sure Joel has some type of fruit, vegetable, dairy, and then either grain or meant during lunch.
  • They keep pasta lunches in the freezer and he loves those!
  • A few fan favorites
    • Blueberries
    • Cherries
    • Watermelon
    • CHEESE
    • Pasta with peas
    • Ravioli
    • Green beans
    • Peas
    • Pulled pork
    • Seafood – no joke


Favorite Toys:

  • Any sort of ball – he loves basketball
  • His mini piano
  • Cars/ trucks – especially ones that self-propel or make noise
  • His tool stand
  • Little people Campfire set
  • (He also likes books with tabs that flip up)


Ideas if Joel is super upset: (super random things, but they usually do the trick)

  • Give him some water
  • Chase Howie – he is OBSESSED with his dog
  • Push him in his mini firetruck
  • Walk outside
  • “Run” with him in your arms around the house
  • Put him in front of a mirror
  • Run his feet under cool water
  • Take a video of him and then let him watch himself – he thinks it’s the funniest thing!


Howie the dog:

  • Their relationship: Joel worships Howie, Howie tolerates Joel
  • Sometimes Howie will get a little jealous of Joel and will steal his toys/ try to be a lap dog. He is a good listener though, so normally you only have to tell him no or to go lay down
  • IMPORTANT: Howie will bark at the mailman/ UPS guy/ Trash workers and Joel HATES this! He will always get super upset when this happens and will usually come running to you. If you just hold him for about 5 minutes he bounces right back

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