Happy birthday, sweet Matthew. We had a quiet day in your memory – ate at our favorite breakfast place, brought bright red, pink, and purple flowers to your grave… Your brothers picked out the flowers. F asked if the cemetery was heaven, and V kept stealing your tiny balloons on the sticks. We played basketball in the driveway lots today – J is big enough to learn to shoot a layup, but you’d be even bigger. We love and miss you always. At the park I ran into a woman I know who lost a son 30 some years ago – she told me she is sad for some part of every day. So am I. Especially today though.

13 thoughts on “6

  1. Happy Birthday Matthew. Kay ( Sullivan’s Mom) posted a birthday tribute to him today on Instagram. Thought about him too. Sending you hugs today.

    Bridget ( Connor’s Mom)


    1. Thank you SO much! You probably figured out I’m not on Instagram anymore. I’m holding steady at over 6 months now. Love and miss you, friend! How are you doing? I hope you and your sweet family are doing well. ❤️


  2. Happy birthday sweet Matthew. We miss our Matthew. He would be six. I imagine him being a glorious blend of J, F, and V. Thinking of all of you today. Love you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  3. Hey Christine, hope you’re well, I have been missing you from Instagram so was glad to see this post in my inbox!

    Happy 6th birthday in the stars to Matthew 💫✨

    Sending lots of love xx


  4. Happy 6th Birthday Matthew 🥰 It’s heartbreaking every day that you and Freddie didn’t get to live the lives you should have ❤️ You are remembered ❤️


  5. Happy birthday Matthew, I found a bluejay feather in our yard yesterday and was flooded with love for you and your family💙 These 6 years feel simultaneously like a blink and an eternity. You are loved, always!


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