“In the nicest way possible… God likes me more than you.”

So I kind of want to abolish the United States Postal Service for reasons mostly selfish. Howie hates their people, and they bring stuff that clutters up my house, which stresses me the eff out, and they bring lots of angst-inducing garbage, including, but not limited to, baby shower invitations, triggery family Christmas cards, and birth announcements… The latest and greatest thing they’ve delivered is a relative of the triggery family Christmas card, but it has distinct differences, so I’ll call it the triggery-family-Christmas-card-listing-of-all-of-the-miracles-and-answered-prayers-that-we-have-received-this-year-proving-that-not-only-does-God-exist-but-also-that-He-loves-us-and-by-way-of-deductive-reasoning-hates-you card. Continue reading

Some inconvenient truths

I’ve found that life after tragedy is, among many things, one big study in human nature which I never asked to lead. And I feel like, as the one who experienced this particular tragedy, I’m indeed leading it, or at least my own version of it, because I could compile all of my observations related to the ways in which different types of people react/don’t react to Matthew’s death (and to others’ experiences similar to mine, or dissimilar, yet also tragic) and put them into a research paper or a book, even. And I’m sure it would be so entertaining that it would drive a helluva lot of people into a comatose state. Continue reading