Jay update and cat’s out of the bag at work

Last Friday we had our second cord pathology scan. They basically repeated all of the procedures they performed in our first cord pathology scan, plus looked at Jay’s growth, because growth is still very important. Again, no issues were noted, cord related or otherwise, much to our relief. Continue reading

South Carolina vacay

We just returned from four days in Hilton Head, South Carolina (Westin Resort) – probably our last opportunity to travel any significant distance for a while because I’m (justifiably) paranoid. Mark’s parents joined us for the trip. And, to be fair, we also invited my parents, but they declined our invitation because they’d “rather stay home with their dogs.” And I’m not sure what this says about my parents or about us. (Though, in full disclosure, unfortunately, one of their dogs is dying, which royally sucks and renders their decision more reasonable.) Continue reading