Just missing you… always.

Dear Matthew,

This Monday started like any other normal day. I booked an Uber ride, and five minutes later I watched as a white Chevy Impala bounced down our gravel road and stopped in front of the house next door. I kissed your little brother goodbye and exited our house, walking diagonally across our yard through wet grass. I made an awkward gesture towards the front door of the car, but ultimately chose to sit in the backseat. Continue reading

Mother’s Day musings (one week late)

I figured I’d try to write about this, albeit one week late… Since starting my blog I have yet to write a detailed post about how I’ve processed any of the major holidays… The best I’ve been able to do is put little blurbs about each one of them into my “random happenings” posts. I feel like a giant failure as a blogger in this regard, because after losing a child (or going through anything deeply traumatic), holidays tend to bring up so many emotions, piercing the heart in new, excruciatingly painful ways, so I should be writing about at least some of them as I share my grief journey, amiright? But truthfully, most holidays have left me too breathless and exhausted to do so. Continue reading