An “award” (read: me answering some questions)

So I was “nominated” for a blogging “award” called the Getting to Know You Award, which I put “nominated” and “award” in quotes, because it’s really more a request for me to answer some questions, because I don’t think there’s an actual trophy or cash prize or anything. Or IS there? But regardless, it’s kind of the best thing that’s happened in about a week, besides Joel babbling some syllables resembling “mama.” Continue reading

National print ad final product

So you might remember when I wrote this post about a major alcohol brand using our house to shoot a national print ad campaign (and everyone involved was also like extraordinarily beautiful AND also compassionate about Matthew)… Well, it appears some of the pictures from the shoot are officially in use, so I figured I’d share here for those interested! These are being used as a background on the company’s website (and I’ve posted some screenshots of them below), so there’s writing obstructing them. I’m not sure where unobstructed copies can be found. (I’ll probably follow up on it at some point just because I’m curious.) Continue reading

A national print ad, shot in our house!

So last Tuesday five exceptionally gorgeous individuals (and about 15 other producers, creative directors, photographers, and various other professionals) stormed our house to shoot a national print ad campaign for Major Alcohol Brand. (I’m too paranoid to reveal the actual company name, as those involved asked us not to share pictures of the ads on social media prior to the campaign release, obvy, so I’m erring on the side of caution here too.) Continue reading