On my anger at it being me

So I don’t know whether many of the thoughts I’m sharing are socially acceptable or logical (pretty sure they aren’t) or whether they’ll portray me in the most positive light (pretty sure they won’t), but I’ve not let any of these things stop me before, soooooo… I kind of figure, why start now? And these thoughts are kind of pervasive in my mind, so I feel like sharing them might actually be my first step in setting myself free from them. Or not. Only time will tell. Continue reading

Oh no she didn’t…

In the very early days, I avoided the mailbox. This was because I rarely got out of bed. Hell, I was barely functioning. Brushing my teeth, showering, eating, and maybe taking a walk was all I could hope to accomplish. Besides, I already knew what was in the mailbox… So I let others bring in the cards. Continue reading