My thought process re: timing of delivery…

So my recent stress mostly relates to timing of delivery. I’m having a scheduled C-section, which means I get to (within reason and provided I don’t go into labor) choose the date that Jay is born. And I’ve chosen it, setting my rainbow chain accordingly. But it doesn’t mean I don’t second guess myself… So, needless to say, this decision is weighing heavily on me to say the least. Continue reading

Medical convos that have me SMDH (shaking my damn head)

Scene: I’m in the perinatal center at the “premiere” hospital in St. Louis – the center of maternal fetal medicine – the supposed employer of the “best and the brightest” the field has to offer to serve all of us “high-risk patients” in the region, right? I’m hooked up to the non-stress test (NST) machine, and behind my curtain I hear a nurse speaking with another patient. Continue reading