If you’ve stumbled here because you’ve experienced a loss, I’m so very sorry.

My loss is fairly recent, and I’m early in my journey. New facets of my windy, brutal walk continue to reveal themselves. I see some light these days, but also still experience periods of intense darkness – moments that take my breath away – moments that swiftly return me to my darkest hours.

I’m lucky enough to have already benefited greatly from connecting with others who’ve experienced losses similar to mine – some of the smartest, most courageous, most inspirational people I’ve ever met. Some of them live down the road, and some live in other countries. In the information age, no one is required to walk this path alone.

If you’d like to contact me, reach out! Follow me, or leave a comment. I read all comments, and I will respond to you. Comments inspire me to keep blogging, and they make me feel like Matthew’s life matters.

If you’re too nervous to comment, email me! If you’re shy, don’t be – just do it. Some of the strongest connections I’ve made have been through random emails I initially felt super awkward about sending.

My email address:

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  1. Just want to say, that I’m glad I found this after my lost. She was 5 months and went to the doctor on a Friday afternoon since I was bleeding, but at 2:30 am on Saturday the tragedy occur, and she was gone, almost lost all of my blood and die.
    I saw her death in our bed right next to me… It’s been a year and half, many people tell me I should be ok by now “get over it, it’s more than a year”. Am I wrong? Cause still hurts like that November 23…


  2. Dear Christine,
    I am so deeply sorry yee lost your beautiful perfect baby boy Matthew…& congratulations on the safe & wonderful arrival of his baby brother Jay… I feel I have to mention both of your boys in the same sentence…
    We lost our beautiful, long awaited for , precious little baby girl Ciara, on June 10th ,34 weeks of pregnancy. After a text book pregnancy!!!!! To say we are devastated is an understatement… I just happened to stumble on your blog a few days ago & can I just say… You’ve flicked a switch on for me… EVERYTHING That you say so openly & honestly we are experiencing… Your words have struck a higher cord in me I never realised I’d have to survive this turmoil we face every day…
    Enjoy every wonderful second with your beautiful baby Jay..
    Love & hugs
    Anne Marie ( Ireland)


  3. Dear Christine, I am so sorry that you lost Matthew. He is such a beauty. In 1993, my second pregnancy ended with a precipitate labour. My daughter, Beth survived. Because I was so traumatised by her birth I went to meet with the midwife, and was told she had a true knot.Had her delivery been any slower, they told me she wouldn’t have survived. I thought I understood then the fragility of life. In September 2016 my oldest daughter Tamar died. She was 25. Please keep writing, sending love to you and yours.

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