National print ad final product

So you might remember when I wrote this post about a major alcohol brand using our house to shoot a national print ad campaign (and everyone involved was also like extraordinarily beautiful AND also compassionate about Matthew)… Well, it appears some of the pictures from the shoot are officially in use, so I figured I’d share here for those interested! These are being used as a background on the company’s website (and I’ve posted some screenshots of them below), so there’s writing obstructing them. I’m not sure where unobstructed copies can be found. (I’ll probably follow up on it at some point just because I’m curious.)

On a funny note, when I asked Mark if I could post these, he was like, “Make sure you credit your source…” to which I was like, “Ummmmm… The name of the company is written ALL OVER the pictures,” to which he was like, “Oh.”

You can’t really see much of our house, which begs the question of whether the house matters at all, but I’m not complaining – it’s fun to be a part of this final product.

Also, we may be doing a couple more shoots in the near future. I wish this could become a more regular stream of income for us so I could entertain these people as my full-time job, as I find everyone involved is always super hip/cool. Maybe I’m just mesmerized by them because I work with accountants all day normally.


After seeing this you want some Seagram’s Gin right?


3 thoughts on “National print ad final product

  1. Oh man your house is SO beautiful! Jk I can’t really see it enough, but I bet it’s gorgeous! How in the hell did you even get contacted for something like that? Do you live in a mansion….are you a celebrity?! I knew it.

    Seriously, jokes aside, this is SO cool.

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    1. Ha – thanks, you’re too funny. I linked to the post where I talked a little about how we got selected. It’s not remotely a mansion at all! We custom built a house a couple of years ago, and our architect (with whom we parted ways) referred us for a commercial because our house fit the very specific specs. We didn’t get chosen for that one, but it’s been in a talent scout’s look book ever since, so every once in awhile someone sees it and selects it for something. I think those doing the selecting just like it because it’s a wide open floor plan with clean lines and neutral colors and tons of natural light. And also, it’s apparently cheaper to shoot these things in the Midwest. I think we just lucked into this, honestly, as people live in WAY cooler houses than ours, I can assure you, but I will say it’s been pretty fun!

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